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Conference co-chair: Dean Bubley

Written by David Wood. No comments Posted in: Announcements

DeanBubleyIt’s my pleasure to announce that Dean Bubley will be co-chair of the event Humanity+ UK2010.

In his professional life, Dean runs the telecoms and mobile consultancy company Disruptive Analysis, which analyses technology and business model evolution of networks, handsets and applications. His clients include major operators, equipment and device suppliers, regulators and investors. He is a frequent chair and speaker at mobile industry conferences, and writes a blog, Disruptive Wireless.

Dean Bubley is a regular participant at Humanity+ UK meetings and has long held a personal interest in many areas of technology development, from computing and communications, to genetics, to geoengineering. He has a particular focus on the business, political and financial dimensions involved in creating a “human-centric future”.

As co-chair, Dean will help to ensure that the event runs smoothly, and that Q&A between audience and speakers is productive and illuminating.

Dean has a BA in Physics from Oxford University.

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