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Interim survey results available

Written by David Wood. No comments Posted in: Announcements

The interim results of this survey have been processed and are now available for viewing via Slideshare:

(You can download the file from that location, or you can view it in place.)

Thanks to the 41 people who took the time to provide answers!

The survey remains open. Anyone with answers significantly different from the ones already supplied is welcome to complete it.

The feedback – both positive and negative – is useful, constructive, and thought-provoking (although not always consistent!)

For most of the questions, the answers that are presented in these slides have been generally arranged from the ‘lighter’ (easier reading) to the ‘heavier’ (more challenging reading).

Concrete proposals for improving subsequent events will shortly be shared online.

To join the online discussion group for volunteers to help/advise on the next event, please send an email to [email protected] (or reply to this message).

Note: no personal data (e.g. email address) was collected during the survey – so it’s not clear who said what.

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