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“Reducing Existential Risks”

Nick Bostrom Ph.D. is a Professor of Applied Ethics at Oxford University, and the Director of the Oxford Future of Humanity Institute.

Professor Bostrom co-founded the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies in 2005 and serves as Chair of its Board of Directors. Professor Bostrom also co-founded the Humanity Plus (H+) in 1998 and currently serves on its Board of Directors as founding chair.

Professor Bostrom is a frequent spokesperson and commentator in the media, and has consulted for the President’s Council on Bioethics (USA), the Central Intelligence Agency (USA), the European Commission, and the European Group on Ethics (Brussels), among many groups. Dr. Bostrom has a background in cosmology, computational neuroscience, mathematical logic, philosophy, and artificial intelligence, and his research addresses the philosophy of science, probability theory, and the ethical and strategic implications of emerging and future technologies.

He is author of the book Anthropic Bias: Observation Selection Effects in Science and Philosophy (Routledge, New York, 2002), and has co-edited the book Global Catastrophic Risks (Oxford University Press, 2008) with Milan Cirkovic, and Human Enhancement (Oxford University Press, 2009) with Julian Savulescu.

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