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What challenges and opportunities does the human race face in this age of unprecedented change? How can we help shape the future, spread the benefits and mitigate the risks of the coming technological revolutions?

Join us on 24th April as we try to address these questions.

Dr. Rachel Armstrong Rachel Armstrong
“The impact of living technology on the future of humanity.”
Dr. Nick Bostrom Nick Bostrom
“Reducing existential risks.”
Aubrey de Grey Aubrey de Grey
“Human regenerative engineering – theory and practice.”
Max More Max More
“Singularity Skepticism: Exposing Exponential Errors.”
David Orban David Orban
“The Singularity University and the Internet of Things.”
David Pearce David Pearce
“Can biotechnology abolish suffering throughout the living world?”
Anders Sandberg Anders Sandberg
“Making humans smarter via cognitive enhancers.”
Amon Twyman Amon Twyman
“Augmented perception and Transhumanist Art”
Natasha Vita-More Natasha Vita-More
“DIY Enhancement”
David Wood David Wood
“The Humanity+ agenda”
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